What is the Japan Institute of Marine Engineering?

Tankers carrying 300,000 tons of crude oil, container vessels providing high-speed transport for 10,000 containers, and car carriers capable of holding 6,000 passenger cars are all symbols of the maritime logistics that supports the Japanese economy. These vessels employ engines and various other equipment and technologies. The Japan Institute of Marine Engineering (JIME) promotes scientific and technical studies and research over a broad domain that includes marine development and the marine environment, with a particular focus on technology relevant to ship engines and marine equipment.

JIME was established in 1966 as the Japan Institution of Marine Engineering and renamed the Japan Institute of Marine Engineering in 2001, and it became a public interest incorporated association in April 2011. Since its founding, JIME has actively pursued improved engine safety and reliability, the keys to safe vessel operation, and has enthusiastically undertaken research on such environmental issues as energy conservation, exhaust gas emissions, and marine pollution prevention.

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