Guidelines for Journal Submissions

   Requirements, Rules, etc. (PDF)

   Manuscript Forms (Microsoft Word files)

Guidelines for Online Submissions to gMarine Engineeringh Journal

™Submission methods

Submission websites (external links)

  1. Access points for online submissions differ by type of manuscript.
    Position the cursor on the type of manuscript above and left-click the mouse.
  2. The RDcast submission screen will then be displayed; click on the yellow gClick here for proceduresh
  3. The log-in screen will appear.
    • JIME members are already registered, so please enter your registered ID and password and click gLog in.h
    • Non-members who have previously made presentations at scientific lecture meetings or submitted journal papers and thus already have registered log-in IDs and passwords should log in by entering their IDs and passwords.
    • Non-members other than the above should refer to the g*Log-in Method for Non-membersh below.
  4. Enter the requested information in the gSubmission Form,h upload the manuscript file, and click gApplyh at the bottom. The information requested differs by type of manuscript, so please ensure you complete the correct items for the type of manuscript.
  5. Submission is now complete; you do not need to send in a conventional manuscript cover. After submission, Research Data Cast will send you a gNotice of Application Receipt,h and the JIME Secretariat will at a later date send you a gNotice of Manuscript Receipt and Number.h The receipt number will serve as the identifying number for the manuscript, so please file it away carefully.

*Log-in Method for Non-members

  1. Click gFirst-time Users (New User Registration)h at the bottom left of the log-in screen.
  2. When the user registration screen appears, enter the requested information and click gRegisterh at the bottom. Registration is now complete, but registration does not constitute admission as a JIME member.
  3. The gSubmission Formh will then appear, so continue with the submission procedures (following the submission method described in 4. above).

Guidelines for E-mail Submissions to the gMarine Engineeringh Journal